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Pierson Creek


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A Dog's Day

At Pierson Creek Kennels

My Day...
• Wake up to soft music
• Go for first walk. Relieve myself. (Kyle picks up)
• Eat
• Nap on blanket
• 2nd walk on fenced-in hill
• Donna throws frisbee
• Nap on blanket
• 3rd walk. Chase squirrel on fenced-in hill
• Eat (not the squirrel though, he was fast)
• Go out on my private run
• Snack time
• 4th walk
• Kyle sings to me
• Lay on my blanket, Kyle turns on night light

Last day...
Get brushed. Get a big hug and extra kisses. These guys are going to miss me and I'm going to miss them!

• Multiple walks let dogs go to the bathroom outside, eliminate stress for them.
• We never use sawdust, which gets dirty easily.
• Dogs run outside individually. Human companions pick up after each dog.
• The same people work every day, so dogs recognize them, feel comfortable.

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Happy Dogs in their Private Outdoor Run
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