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Pierson Creek


1484 State Hwy 179 Lambertville, NJ 08530

Dog Care Services

At Pierson Creek we provide a complete array of services that keep dogs healthy, happy, and free of stress. The most important of these are love and companionship. There's no doubt, your loyal dog misses you when you're away. We mitigate that potential source of stress with direct personal attention, loving companionship and multiple play sessions every day! Pierson Creek is fun for dogs!

Special Services (No Additional Charge)
• Diabetic care
• Special diets
• A full kitchen in the kennel to store food from home
• Medications administered
• Intravenous feeding
• Senior care

Additional Services Available
Extra playtimes
Basic grooming: Bath, clean eyes, ears and cut nails

Kennel Services
• Walks 4 times a day
• Climate controlled at 72 degrees
• Clean and Comfortable Facility
• Spacious indoor/outdoor runs
• Owners on premises
• Staff of bonafide dog lovers
• Two 4200 square foot exercise areas
• 24-hour veterinary care available
• Fully Licensed by the State of New Jersey
Dog Companionship and Love!
We Love Dog Kisses!

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